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How Your Rep Voted


 HB 5471—A Bill to Ban Concealed Pistols From all Michigan Libraries.

Well we’ve got our first piece of true anti-gun legislation on the table this legislative session. House Bill 5471 was introduced on November 29, 2001 by gun-hating state representative Gilda Jacobs. It is intended to bar anyone with a Concealed Pistol License from any public library. Granted there has never been a shooting in a public library anywhere in America by a licensed citizen, but Jacobs and a small core of anti-gun legislators don’t care about facts. They just want to take away the right to carry bit by bit and this is their first bite. Jacobs is well-known to most pro-gun activists but some of the others might not be. So to clarify things, we’ve compiled some information about them. Please spread this around to every gun store and individual gun owner that you know. Knowledge is power.

 1. Gilda Jacobs (D), Oakland County. One of the legislature’s prime anti-gunners. She used to claim that she only opposed “those gun nuts who want CCW’s” and always supported hunting and the “rights of Sportsmen” After a year of saying that, she turned around and voted against every pro-hunting bill that came into the House, demonstrating her sincerity and blowing her credibility out the window. She’s also famous for a press conference she held to try to fan the flames against the CCW law. She displayed a number of the scariest-looking firearms she could get from the State Police post and she told the reporters that if CCW passed, we’d all carry these weapons. They were a collection of “assault carbines” and shotguns. While showing off the guns, she very negligently allowed the muzzle of a shotgun to sweep the audience more than once, causing people to duck. She then laughed it off, claiming the people “were just joking” because “they all knew the gun wasn’t loaded.” When Jacobs was asked if she’d checked to make sure the gun wasn’t loaded, she reportedly replied: “I didn’t have to check it…The State Police wouldn’t give me a loaded gun.” And this is the person who claims that WE are dangerous with guns. 517-373-0478 gjacobs@house.state.mi.us

 2. John Stewart (R), Wayne County. Liberal who won the primary election in 2000 by the narrowest of margins. Was a supporter of the Million Mom March and opposed to CCW during his race. He’s also tried to cozy up to a local gun club in his district by claiming to support gun rights. His sponsorship of this bill leaves no doubt as to his true colors. He’ll be challenged in the 2002 primary by MCRGO member Teresa Folino, the woman who came so close to beating him two years ago. MCRGO will be backing Folino to the hilt. 517-373-3816 johnstewart@house.state.mi.us

 3. Chris Kolb (D), Washtenaw County. New representative from the Ann Arbor area. So far to the left that he was the sole vote in the entire legislature against a resolution to place our national motto on state buildings recently. Not surprising that he’s anti-gun too. 517-373-2577 Chriskolb@house.state.mi.us

 4. Jim Plakas (D), Wayne County. First-termer. Former mayor of Garden City. NOT endorsed by MCRGO in the 2000 primary or general elections for precisely this reason. 517-373-0849 Jimplakas@house.state.mi.us

 5. Derrick Hale (D), Wayne County. Hale’s a Detroit legislator with a lackluster record across the board. He’s always opposed gun rights even though the citizens in his district face some of the highest violent crime rates in Michigan. 517-373-1705 dhale@house.state.mi.us

 6. Julie Dennis (D), Muskegon County. Julie Dennis is the rep. from Muskegon who wrote Rosie O'Donnell and asked her help raise money to defeat the pro-gun interests that she claimed “controlled Michigan’s legislature”. Rosie reportedly held a fund-raiser in New York to help Dennis draw out-of-state money into Michigan to defeat the CCW legislation that Michigan citizens wanted. 517-373-2646  jdennis@house.state.mi.us

 7. Alexander Lipsey (D), Kalamazoo County. First-termer who is declaring himself one of the top 11 gun-haters in the legislature. That’s probably not going to go over too well in Kalamazoo County. 517-373-1785 alexanderlipsey@house.state.mi.us

 8. Michael Murphy (D) Ingham County. He’s in his first term and this is his first action on a gun bill. It’s going to follow him for quite some time. 517-373-0826    michaelcmurphy@house.state.mi.us

 9. Patricia Lockwood (D), Genesee County. Voted against CCW, voted against Vear, voted against the dove bill. If you own or shoot guns, she’s no friend of yours.517-373-1780 plockwood@house.state.mi.us

 10. Andrew Richner (R), Wayne County. Republican Richner should have known better than to sign on to another anti-gun bill. He was the rep. who in his first term offered an amendment to the CCW bill that would have required every applicant to take a drug test as part of the process. We defeated that and he felt the heat and promised that he wouldn’t do anything like that again. But here he is in bed with the anti-gunners again. Like Rep. Jacobs, this legislator just cannot be trusted. 517-373-0154 arichner@house.state.mi.us

 11. Patricia Godchaux (R), Oakland County. In her final term. She comes from Birmingham and she really wanted a leadership position this term but she didn't get it in large part because of her liberalism and considerable opposition from MCRGO and the NRA. She’s never voted in favor of an MCRGO-tracked gun bill. 517-373-0824. pgodcha@house.state.mi.us

 If any one of these people represents your district, give them a call and let them know just how wrong they are. People with CPL’s are among the nation’s most law-abiding citizens and it’s wrong to deny them or anyone else access to the libraries or any other building or service that we taxpayers support.

 Gun owners pay taxes too…and they vote. Call to let these anti-gun elitists know that you’re upset with this attack on your rights.

For more information on this bill contact, MCRGO. P.O. Box 14014. Lansing, MI 48901. 517-484-2746. www.mcrgo.org


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