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2017 Membership Information

Membership dues for 2017 are as follows:

New Prospective Membership    (on waiting list)   $100                     (Includes $25 Initiation fee)
Prospective Membership           (Renewal - on waiting list) $75 Annual Dues    (Due by May 1)
Prospective Member                 (Not on waiting list) $10 per League + League Fees
Full Member                            (without work hours) $265                    (Due by May 1)
Full Member                            (with 20 work hours) $125                     (Due by May 1)


Note: Each member is expected to contribute a minimum of 20 club volunteer work hours.

Contact the Membership Secretary, John Watson, at 586 206-4457

Email: memchair@huronpointe.org

Pay your Membership Dues via PayPal or Credit Card

Huron Pointe Hold Harmless Agreement

H.P.S.A. Hold Harmless Release and Indemnification Agreement  (pdf format)

Members are required to complete and sign a Hold Harmless Agreement annually.


HPSA Membership Strength - 285 HPSA Member Stats