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   Huron Pointe Youth Events


2010 Youth Duck Hunt

On Saturday, September 18th Mike and Joy Jennett along with their brother-in-law, Dean hosted a youth duck hunt on Harsen's Island.  Almost all of the 20 kids were from Huron Pointe - some from the scholastic program, some signed up at hunter safety, etc.  It was a special day for youth only. 

The meeting place was the DNR on the island. The kids got into "the draw" - then they got to go out and see the area where duck banding is done. Then at noon they came back to the Jennett's cottage where Joy and her sister, Maureen (Dean's wife), served them chili and hot dogs.  They had about 50 people for lunch. 

A DNR officer came and gave them a safety speech and then off they went hunting for the afternoon - not returning until dark.  They were very successful and seemed to all have a good time.

Pictures of the 2010 Youth Duck Hunt

2009 Echo Grove Camp

Echo Grove Camp (a Salvation Army camp) is located on the northern part of Lakeview Lake in Leonard, MI. 
Their director had called Mike Jennett to see if he would come over there to "lay out" a 3-D course for them.  He did and it is an outdoor course all through the woods.  Huron Pointe donated some target stands and a few targets.  They had huge piles of wood chips that had to be spread on the course. 

These pictures are of the Huron Pointe Coyote Club kids and some of the scholastic kids helping us spread these wood chips.  This 3-D course is fully operational and is enjoyed by kids from all over the metro Detroit area.  The camp itself is absolutely beautiful - the location is awesome.  It is actually a camp where kids come and spend a week "at camp".  Underprivileged kids, high school bands do band camp there, etc. etc. 

If you are ever up that way (Rochester Road ends at Lakeville Lake), stop in there and check it out - it is pretty neat.


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