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Youth Spotlight

NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program Awards

On July 7, 2007, two special young ladies, 11 year old Staci and 15 year old Ashley Rosink, completed the 7 event NRA Handgun Qualification Course.  They began their journey when their Uncle Jeff Listh began teaching them pistol safety with pellet guns.  After graduation to handguns, Jeff continued to mentor them through the Expert Qualification stage.

Sadly, Jeff was lost to us in November, 2006, due to complications from a heart transplant.  During the summer of 2007, however, these two dedicated nieces strove to complete the program to which their uncle Jeff was so committed.  In tribute to Jeff and to complete Jeff’s goal, NRA Pistol Instructor and Huron Pointe member Rick Billington, along with the help of Jeff’s wife, Suzanne, and Jeff’s father, Hugo, a long time Huron Pointe member, they successfully completed the Distinguished Expert portion!

Sequence of Events:

Event Date
Basic Practical NRA Basic Pistol Course September 9, 2006
Pro-Marksman July 7, 2006
Marksman July 23, 2006
Sharpshooter August 5, 2006
Expert   September 30, 2006
Distinguished Expert July 7, 2007

On August 11, 2007, at Huron Pointe Sportsmen’s Association's “Women in the Outdoors” event,  NRA Pistol Instructor Rick Billington presented Distinguished Expert Awards to now 12 year old Staci and 15 year old Ashley Rosink of Dryden Michigan!

Congratulations, Ladies!

Pictured from left to right
Hugo, Staci, Rick, and Ashley